About company

  •   About us

Kercom LLC operates in the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan economy. Currently, the company is developing the beekeeping project under the brand “Mr. Bee” in the agricultural sector. In the near future, the company plans to activate projects in the fields of IT and tourism.


  •  Mission

The aim of the company is composed of the following targets:

–  To develop the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan economy,

–  To increase the export potential of the country,

–  To increase domestic production,

–  To improve intellectual area of the country by means of the implementation of  IT  projects,

–  To enhance the tourism sector via efficiently using of the geographical potential of the country.


  •  Business philosophy

Business philosophy of the company is to achieve the development of business by revealing the points of intersection of combining interests of  the following sectors:

–  Agriculture (to increase production),

–  Information Technologies (to increase the efficiency of the projects),

–  Financial sector (financial support and collaboration),

–  Education sector (​​human resources policy and stilumating of intellectual area),

–  Public sector (compliance with the government policy and public support),

–  Media (effective communication channel with domestic and foreign economic actors and society).