Mr.Bee at exhibition

dsc_1854On September 3, President Ilham Aliyev has chaired republican conference on development of tea, rice and sitrus fruits production in Lankaran.

The head of state got acquanted with the exhibition, organized within the framework of the conference.

The products from 13 local enterprises for tea, rice, citrus fruits and beekeping were displayed at the exhibition. Mr.Bee brand, representing natural Azerbaijani honey, belonging to Kercom LLC was also at the exhibition.

It should be noted that Mr.Bee is natural and quality honey brand, gathered from the north-western regions of Azerbaijan and based on 20 years’ experience. Along with supporting the development of Azerbaijani economy, Mr.Bee also targets promoting “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in foreign markets and is active in this direction.


Date: 04.09.2017