Mr.Bee products at Araz Supermarket Network

Rustic MorningsNow Mr.Bee honey and beekeping products will also be available at Araz Supermarket Network.

Mr.Bee brand – belongs to Kercom LLC, using the services of Baku Business Factory’s business incubation center – offers its products to customers also at Araz Supermarket Network, along with Bravo, Fresco markets.

The company of Kercom LLC, operating in the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan economy, started using Baku Business Factory’s business incubation services from march 2016. With the main goal of developing beekeping products and increasing customer satisfaction, Kercom LLC intends to be specialized as a most quality and reliable brand in the agriculture. Of course, setting up business relations worldwide, serving international customers is one of the primary desires. Due to expanding our sales network, it will be possible to get our products from several markets.

Date: 15.06.2017